Mood and Mystery

“Noir” is French for “black”. “Film Noir” has many interpretations . For my photography, I create low key (darker) lighting that evokes mood and mystery, a dreamlike state, and underlying eroticism. Although I can shoot many different styles, I have always been inspired by the emotions created through noir photography.  But no matter how dark the scene may be, the women in these images are the light. Sometimes veiled in mystery, they go about their lives protected by the dark, only letting us look unless they choose to invite us in.

Women and Places

Instead of shooting famous models in beautiful places, I shoot famous places with beautiful models! When I travel I always try to arrange a shoot so I have a visual memory of the most amazing locations on the Earth.

Vintage Inspired

From the past we create inspiration in the present. Whether from the 17th Century or 1930’s Hollywood Glamour, women rule with intelligence and beauty.


Artful Dance

When a woman dances it is art in motion. Her body is a paint brush . Through the shapes she creates with her body, she tells a story. She may use no words and yet we feel the emotions she portrays into our very soul.

Tulle and Veils

Tulle and veils give a woman the power to reveal herself or remain a mystery to those around her. As she looks through the fabric of her life, she chooses who will know and touch her true self according to her pleasure.

Modern Edge

Whether in control, sexy and edgy or vulnerable, these women know what they want and free to be who they are.

Outdoor Fantasies

Though my photography is focused on a noir style, I do shoot women in whatever light there may be to bring out their beauty. In turn, no matter where they are, these women make their environment even more beautiful.