Shaping Light


I am an Asian-American Photographer who taught myself photography using film cameras, light meters and hours in the darkroom in the early 1980’s. After receiving a masters degree in business, I stopped shooting while I focused on my career for 20 years. In 2008 I picked up the camera again. I then embraced the latest technologies available to bring my artistic vision to life. Photoshop allows me to combine photography with digital painting in ways that were not possible years earlier.

as An admirer of high renaissance paintings and realism, I create images by that period using light, color, location and styling to create mood and visual drama. the application of chiaroscuro results in the dramatic noir atmosphere in many of my works.

As I Regard women as the pinnacle of all creations, I strive to depict them as intelligent, independent, strong, beautiful, somewhat aloof and demure, and a master of their destiny no matter what the context or clothing may be.

I design and create images with my wife who is a stylist. Our adult children often assist making photography a family affair! Together we enjoy traveling the world and  working with other creative people.